The Global
Cell & Gene Therapy Summit

July 08-10, 2024 (Hybrid) | Boston, MA

Venue: Boston Marriott Newton - Hotel

Experts speaking @ CGT-SUMMIT 2024

Alan M. Lambowitz
Alan M. Lambowitz

The University of Texas at Austin, TX

Rudolf Jaenisch
Rudolf Jaenisch


Ula V. Jurkunas
Ula V. Jurkunas
Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
Harvard Medical School, MA
Jerome Chal
Jerome Chal

SVP, Head of CMC
Myeloid Therapeutics, MA

Luis Pereira de Almeida
Luis Pereira de Almeida

CNC UC, Portugal

Lynne Frick
Lynne Frick

President & CEO
Cell X Technologies, OH

Tetsuya Yamagata
Tetsuya Yamagata

Chief Scientific Officer
Modalis Therapeutics Inc., MA

Rachel Salzman
Rachel Salzman

Global Head
Corporate Strategy, Armatus Bio

Greg Kunst
Greg Kunst

Aurion Biotech, WA

Michael Krohn
Michael Krohn

Executive Vice President
Leading Akribion Genomics, Germany

Erin Kimbrel
Erin Kimbrel

Vice President of Research
Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine, MA

Michael Mehler
Michael Mehler

Director, Cell Therapy Supply Chain & Operations
Takeda Pharmaceuticals, MA



Welcome to Cell and Gene Therapy Summit Boston, MA

Cell and gene therapy represent intersecting fields of biomedical research with the shared goal of treating, preventing, or curing diseases. These approaches are aimed at understanding the underlying causes of various diseases, ranging from rare and complex conditions to those with genetic or acquired origins. This rapidly expanding treatment approach is poised to address significant unmet medical needs across a wide range of conditions. However, the conceptual framework of cell and gene therapy is both expensive and requires precision, presenting challenges for industrial implementation and patient accessibility. 

Emerging tools and techniques in the market have facilitated the adaptability and utilization of cell and gene therapy. These advancements have made it easier to employ CGT as a method of treating diseases, including rare and complex disorders, single gene disorders, and various types of cancer. With these advancements in mind, the International Summit on Cell and Gene Therapy serves as a platform to explore the fundamental concepts of these transformative therapies. The summit brings together experts from academia and industry to discuss a range of topics related to cell and gene therapy, including ethical considerations, social implications, tools, techniques, marketing strategies, and the commercialization of cell and gene therapy products. It also showcases the latest research progress in CGT and explores opportunities for further enhancements in availability and productivity of these therapies. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, the summit aims to advance the field of cell and gene therapy, benefiting patients worldwide.


Key Symposia and Sessions

  • Current Landscape and Future Directions of Cell and Gene Therapy Research
  • Advances in Gene Editing Technologies for Cellular Engineering
  • Stem Cell-Based Therapies: From Bench to Bedside
  • Emerging Gene Therapies for Monogenic Disorders
  • Immunotherapy Approaches: CAR-T Cells and Beyond
  • Cellular Reprogramming and Regenerative Medicine
  • Gene Therapy for Neurodegenerative Diseases: Challenges and Progress
  • Non-Viral Gene Delivery Strategies: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency
  • Clinical Applications of CRISPR-Cas9: Opportunities and Considerations
  • Gene Editing for Hematological Disorders: Promising Results and Ongoing Trials
  • Gene Therapy for Rare Diseases: Navigating Orphan Drug Development
  • Therapeutic Applications of RNA-Based Therapies
  • Gene Therapy Approaches for Cancer Treatment

  • CRISPR-Cas9 Advancements: Latest Developments and Applications
  • Beyond CRISPR: Emerging Gene Editing Technologies and Techniques
  • Gene Therapy Target Identification: From Disease Mechanisms to Therapeutic Targets
  • Precision Genome Editing: Strategies for Specific Gene Modifications
  • Editing Non-Coding DNA: Implications for Gene Regulation and Disease Treatment
  • Gene Editing in Stem Cells: Toward Personalized Cell Therapies
  • Gene Delivery Methods: Ensuring Efficient and Safe Editing in Clinical Settings
  • Genetic Disease Models: Translating Findings from Bench to Bedside
  • Immune System Engineering: Enhancing Cell Therapies through Gene Editing

  • Manufacturing Strategies for Global Accessibility of Cell and Gene Therapies
  • Process Development and Scale-Up: Challenges and Solutions
  • Quality Control and Assurance in Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing
  • Automation and Robotics in Bioprocessing
  • Gene Therapy Vector Production: Advancements and Innovations
  • Ensuring Supply Chain Efficiency for Cell and Gene Therapies
  • Addressing Logistics Challenges in Cell and Gene Therapy Distribution
  • Patient-Specific Manufacturing Approaches: Personalized Medicine at Scale
  • GMP Compliance and Regulatory Considerations in Manufacturing
  • Developing Next-Generation Manufacturing Technologies
  • Contract Manufacturing and Outsourcing Strategies
  • Cost Optimization and Affordability in Cell and Gene Therapy Production
  • Global Collaboration for Streamlining Manufacturing Processes
  • Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing Success Stories from Different Regions

  • Navigating the Evolving Regulatory Landscape for Cell and Gene Therapies
  • Regulatory Pathways for Accelerated Approvals and Expedited Reviews
  • Addressing Safety and Efficacy Requirements in Regulatory Submissions
  • Risk Management and Pharmacovigilance in Cell and Gene Therapy Trials
  • Reimbursement Models for Advanced Therapies: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Pricing Strategies and Value-Based Pricing for Cell and Gene Therapies
  • Market Entry and Commercialization Planning for Cell and Gene Therapies
  • Market Analysis and Forecasting for Advanced Therapy Products
  • Building Successful Partnerships with Healthcare Providers and Payers
  • Intellectual Property and Patent Strategies in Commercialization
  • Case Studies: From Clinical Trials to Market Success

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Who will Attend Cell and Gene Therapy Summit?


  • Manufacturing
  • Product Development
  • Quality
  • Value & Market Access
  • Therapy Administration
  • Research & Development
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Vector Systems
  • Engineering
  • Laboratory
  • Science
  • Information Technology
  • Validation
  • Training
  • Clinical
  • Patient Advocacy

Job Function

  • Scientist
  • Executive and Mid-Level Management
  • Project Management
  • Technical Services
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Application
  • Risk Management
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Customer Engagement
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Clinical Strategy Pharmacist
  • Product Communications
  • Clinical Research
  • Post Doc, PhD Student
// Programs

Program Schedule

Day - 1 [July 08 - 2024]
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Keynote Presentation
  • Cell therapy – Plenary Session I
  • Short Break
  • Focused Session – I
  • Panel Discussion – I
  • Lunch Break
  • Cell therapy – Plenary Session II
  • Focused Session – II
  • Short Break
  • Panel Discussion – II
  • Networking Break

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